Teachers as Learners

I’m happy to share that I have an article in the recent issue of English in Australia.

Teachers as Learners: What Makes Technology-Focused Professional Development Effective? explores key practices of learning communities and draws from my year-long dissertation research in the United States.  I also argue that the ways in which technology is integrated within the English curriculum are very much dependent upon teachers’ beliefs, values, and skills.

Here in Australia, the federal government is investing billions in educational technology in schools in line with broader reforms, including the Australian Curriculum, the Digital Education Revolution, and the National Broadband Network. My research suggests professional development is an important (and often overlooked) feature of technology integration in schools. In particular, educational reforms can be supported by professional development that features sustained dialogue around teachers’ curricular goals and students’ learning outcomes, hands-on learning with digital tools,  the ongoing analysis of student work, and a view of knowledge as a social construction.

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